192.168.l.2 – Default Password Router and Panel Access


192.168.l.2 is the IP address of the wireless router that allows you to access the administration panel as a full official Network production companies worldwide, can be easily managed on behalf of the devices installed within the software until the date.

Probable problems, modem and network settings, renewing the user interface, password changes can be easily solved by them all over the internet.

What is the benefit of 192.168.l.2?

When you log in, the IP address 192.168.l.2 .Wireless router, you will be logged in as a fully authorized. After accessing the router’s administration panel, you can do all the operations you offer from the software.

After logging into the management panel over IP, you are able to settings like this:

  • Network management,
  • Security options,
  • Qos IP,
  • DNS,
  • Proxy,
  • LAN, WAN,
  • WLAN settings,
  • DSL, DHCP client,
  • WPS and DSL.

Lockouts and other adjustments are also available.

How do I enter the address 192.168.l.2 ?

In order for your wireless router to access the user interface at your internet browser address http: //192.168.l.2 manually, you can copy or write. If you do not know, or remember your password too, you can follow the instructions below.


What can be done when the password is forgotten or unknown?

When this happens, the only way starts with resetting the device. Resetting is very simple by holding the reset button, which is usually a small button on the bottom or back of your wireless router.

If you do not have the detailed information on this topic is not necessarily on the subject, we recommend buying someone’s help.

Here is the standard Wireless router or ADSL modem Passwords

User: Admin
Password: (in blank)
User: admin
Password: blank password
User: admin
User: admin
Password: admin
User: Admin
Password: blank password
User: blank user
Password: blank password