192.168.254 – Default Password and Router Access


192.168.254 is just the IP address used by your ADSL router, Common Router, Common Modem or Wireless Modem. Most major brands of routers and modems use this IP numbering for a wide range of models.

From a Computer, Smartphone, Tablet or Notebook, you can access the modem / router settings and configure it properly. Accessing the address http: //192.168.254 you are requesting access to the device control panel settings, which we will see more about.

How do I access IP 192.168.254?

Shortly after logging in to the IP address 192.168.254, which you will enter as if entering a website, such as facebook.com, type the IP directly into the bar of your browser and hit Enter.

By doing this you will fall into the Login screen of the Administrative Panel, where you will have to enter user name and password to access the inside of the control system of the router.

The likely access data are:



Once you access the panel you will have access to the necessary settings to leave your device performing exactly the type of work you need.

We have the example of people who like to leave their Wi-Fi networks hidden, so that nobody sees them or tries to enter and steal the internet signal via login screen, mainly using computer programs or specific applications of password theft via security failures Of the wi-fi network.

Below are examples of some of these settings that you will have access to:

  • DNS Settings;
  • Proxy Settings;
  • System Administration regarding access to the panel;
  • LAN;
  • WAN;
  • General WLAN settings;
  • Virtual Direction;
  • Protocol Settings;
  • Virtual NAT server;
  • DMZ;
  • IP;
  • QoS.

Other than these you still have access to wireless router or modem settings such as:

  • DHCP client;
  • DSL;
  • WPS;
  • ADSL;
  • MAC.

Accessing the address http: //192.168.254

Here the procedure is simple, just copy and paste in your BROWSER the http address with the IP number of your Router / Modem, as the red link below shows:

http: //192.168.254

You can also access it by clicking HERE

Important: We remember that this example that we are giving access to the administrative panel of the router is only for routers accessible by the address 192.168.254

I forgot my Router’s Default Access Password, now what?


Calm down, you do not have to worry because the solution to this problem is simple and straightforward. Come on, first you’ll need a paper clip, those same metal ones, get one, I hope.

Already? Then do the following:

  • Take your router and look at the back of it, find a written punf Reset at the entrance;
  • Take the clip, open it to work like a toothpick, then stick it into the hole and press the internal reset button, hold it for 10 seconds and then release.
  • Congratulations! Your router has returned to normal settings and you can now access it again.

Any questions send a question.