– Default Router Password Modem – Router or Modem Configuration – Want to know what the number is? This is just the IP address of your Router or Modem device. Access to the administrative panel of every modem or router is done as if you were typing any internet address in your browser, let’s teach you the basics here.

The Administrative Panel of the Wireless Routers or Standard Modens delivered by telephone operators or even those purchased from normal stores are accessed by a specific address, which gives access to the panel where you can change the essential settings of the device.

Obviously, each wireless modem or router, depending on the make and model, has its unique input IP address to gain access to the administrative panel of the same.

What can I change by accessing IP

After entering http: // in order to get to your modem control panel, you will gain access to options that require a little knowledge so that your settings can be made and the operation of the device becomes Well fluid and fast.

The Login data of most Modens you will find on the bottom of your device, if you do not find it in this place, look in the instruction manual of the device, it will certainly be there.

Accessing the Router or Modem Administration Panel

As soon as you access the device, you will have control over essential access security options, increased bandwidth for each user who is using the internet, leaving your network hidden (especially for those neighbors who are asking for the password), among many others Settings as described below:

  • WLAN;
  • IP QoS;
  • LAN;
  • DHCP client;
  • WAN;
  • DSL;
  • DNS;
  • MAC;
  • PPPoE;
  • Proxy;
  • DSL;
  • WPS.

Accessing and logging in at the address

In order for you to be able to access the router settings, do exactly as described here, first, access this address: (For those who have Modem that has access through this IP)

Click the link above to have direct access or simply go to your browser and enter the address you entered.

Now you will need the Default User and Password data for your device, so just grab it and do a scan underneath it, you will surely find the data possibly in a sticker.

Most Internet Router and Modem devices use the following login data:

User: Admin
Password: Admin

What do you do if you have changed the password and do not remember it?


It happens to some people the following situation:

They buy their handsets, make the default settings, think about security, and end up changing the default router password or modem’s default password, so time passes and they forget about it because they do not think much of it.

If this happens to you and you no longer have the instruction manual or even the sticker below the device, just grab a paper click, open it and insert it into a small hole behind the router / modem until you feel the push of a button, then hold Pressed for 10 seconds.

This will make you notice that the lights will blink differently or turn off and on again. All configs are back to normal and access to the modem will be released again.

Any questions use the comments.