– Default Router Password and Panel Access Admin | Router Default Password

The electronic address may be the most used address by manufacturers of Router Devices in our country, this is a widely used IP number known by all in the middle. Of 10 routers sold, 8 comes with that numbering.

An important point to note is that both address and 192.168.o.1.2 are the same, yet only the first is correct, what happens is that in this branch there is a very large confusion between terms used to describe the number IP address of each router or modem model, regardless of whether it is wired or wireless.

Below you check the default access data for your router, but we advise you in advance that the data below will only take effect if you have never changed the default internal password that came with your device.

Just access the address, then open a next screen where you will be asked to enter this data below:

Username: Admin

Password: Admin

You will then be presented with a screen where you would be the home of a website, presenting the main settings of your Wi-Fi device. Once you have access to the administration panel, you or anyone will be able to change the settings and Your face.

What to do after logging in to IP

The Router configuration options like the ones below you will see below will be shown below:

  • WLAN (Basic configuration where you choose the name of your Wi-Fi network and create a password);
  • Basic and Advanced Access Security Settings;
  • Access control by MAC address;
  • WPS, WDS and Site Survey;
  • WAN;
  • Connection Channel;
  • LAN;
  • QOS;
  • Other Services;
  • General Device Administration.

Here is an example of the MYMAX MWR Wireless Router WR936EA – BK in the image below:

The image shows the default configuration screen of the MYMAX Wireless router. This is the Wireless Security tab, where you will set the SSID (Network Name you want to configure) and then set the Wi-Fi network access password.

The Pre-Shared Key field is where you will enter the password of 6 to 8 characters and numbers if you want, if possible adding variations and symbols to further expand the security process of the Wi-Fi connection.

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I still have questions, how is access made?

The access you will do exactly the same way you normally access any site, just get the correct data access to your modem or router and click to enter them normally in the browser and press Enter.

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Click this link if your modem has this input number:

I changed the Default Password and I do not remember, what now?

Do not worry, just have a toothpick or a clip, locate the RESET button on the back of the router. You must insert the stick, press and hold the button pressed for 8 seconds, done that the lights blinked in a different way.

This is basically the signal that your router has returned to the factory settings, so now you just have to set it up again and it’s ready for use.