– 10.0 01 – Wi-Fi Modem Router Default Password | 10.0 01

The number that is also referenced by 10.0 01 is nothing more than the IP address of some models of Routers and Wi-Fi Modems commonly used here in our country. This IP address leads the user to connect to the Modem Administration panel or wireless router.

This IP number is used by private networks, that is, secure. The only part that has no way of solving is that the confusion about the numerous variations between IP addresses is a factor that still confuses many users, when a universal IP is admitted, then the scenario will change.

The Login data are shown below:

User: Admin

Password: Admin

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What is the purpose of Ip http: // or 10.0 01?

You will be able to configure the essential settings for a good performance of your device, being able to select how much band each one will use and how much to define for the main users through the registration of passwords via MAC address, see below how many options you can access.

You can configure PROXY, DNS, complete user registration system administration, LAN protocol configuration, WLAN (main), WAN, virtual server, NAT, QoS, DMZ and a variety of security alternatives.

It has the options for client:

  • DHCP,
  • WPS,
  • MAC,
  • DSL,
  • ADSL can also carry out third party access block and a series of different configurations.

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Access by http 10.0 0.1 or only digit and enter?

Login to the Administrative Panel of your Router requires just a few simple steps:

  • Enter the address 10.0 01 in the address bar in your internet browser;
  • Enter the Login data shown in the previous step;
  • Be careful and enter the address correctly, many people ended up misplacing a point and can not access for that reason;

If you have changed the default device password previously, this will not work, you will need to do the Reset the modem procedure so that you can normally access it by this means.

I can not login through ip 10.0 01, the password does not match, what do I do?

It is as follows, as we said above, if you are not able to enter the modem panel from the Login and Password screen, then it is very likely that you or someone else has changed the default Login data of the router.

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Do the following:

Go to the back of the modem and find the RESET button;

With a paper clip or toothpick, press the inner button until you hear a click, hold for about 10 seconds and then release;

The lights will blink differently, this is the sign that your modem has returned to the default password.

For any other questions, follow the instruction manual of your equipment or contact your service provider if what you have read here has not worked.