What is 192.168.01 (192.168 o 1)?

192.168.01, 192.168 o 1 or also known as, is an IP address number that was chosen as the default to be used on the equipment that connects to the Internet in our homes.

As we know, on the Internet, if it were not the DNS, each site, instead of presenting its form as “www.site.com.br”, would be more for “100.794.092.102”, that is, each site would be represented by a Number that also meant your electronic address.

Just thinking about the correct identification for access to the Modens administrative panel, companies have defined standard numbers for this access to be made. The commonly used addresses are the numbers:

We can all find these standard numbers in Brazilian modems and routers for the most part. Although there is a possibility that the company may use other numbering, as we have said, it is not a global agreement, just something like a case law of the numbers of modens.

What can I do if I enter the IP number 192.168.01 / 192.168 o 1.1 / 192.168.01 in the PC browser?

Entering the IP address 192.168.01192.168 o 1 / 192.168.1 ) or will give you the access that will allow you to configure and adjust the most common options of your wireless router or wi-fi modem , And may be of any make or model.

We caution you to only make changes to your device if you are fully aware of what you are doing, as there are people who change the main options and end up causing a malfunction and need to reset or even reset their devices.

192.168 o 1.1

After entering the address in the browser, type the following:

Username: Admin
Password: Admin

Entering the Modem settings we advise you to only use what you are aware of, we recommend that you use the instruction manual that comes with your device, after all, practically everything you need is there, usually in English, but with the stuff.

What is the correct IP address number: (192.168 or 1) or 192.168 01? Or,

The point is, the manufacturers of modem devices do not always use the same IP numbering that allows access to the administrative panel.

This variation happens from company to company and is a source of doubt and confusion among many people, below see some of the main ones we recommend if you are in this situation:


Most people wrongly type IP numbers, see mode:


As seen, these people end up using letters instead of numbers, possibly because they do not understand the router or modem access number of their homes.

So, to be able to access normally, be aware of the correct number and punctuation, that’s enough and you will have access to the administrative panel of the router or modem of any brand.

Below you will find information on how to recover the access data in case you have lost, changed the default or forgotten passwords of the same, the process is simple.

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I forgot my password, now what? (192.168 01)


Easy, if you have forgotten your password, first check under the device, the default passwords are usually pasted into a sticker that allows you to easily identify your location just below the Router / Modem.

19216801.club will now teach you what you need to reset your password and have the router reset all settings to the factory settings, that is, the device’s default settings.

  • First: Take a click of paper and open it, or even a thicker needle;
  • Second: Insert this click or needle in the hole titled RESET, it is in the back of the device;
  • Third: Press and hold until you feel the internal button clicked, hold for 10 seconds, then release.

The device settings will now return to the factory settings, you just need to connect a device via cable and access the device’s panel and redo the main settings.